Writing after a week as I do mention in every blog post of mine that these days I am having a very busy schedule :P as we all know, Paypal is one of the best platform to Pay and get paid anywhere in the world but not for many Indian users and the users who were also belongs to Under Developed Countries about 2 months back I made an account on Paypal and it is working great if someone wants to send me money (Generally Affilate Income) but the problem was if I was about to purchase anything from the countries outside India and the mode of Payment was only Paypal, I was unable to get just because of My Cards  as they get refused everytime for the Payment via Paypal .

I recommend if you are about to open a new account for Paypal purchases in India never go for banks like Oriental Bank of Commerce , Bank of India , PNB , Axis Bank (M having account in all these and they can’t be used for Foreign Purchases using Paypal)  so i suggest you to for IndusInd Bank, ICICI, HDFC (now I use IndusInd for foreign Purchases using Paypal)

so What’s next ? lets get back to topic 2 days back i was about to purchase some services and also to receive money for delivering a customer some 20K Facebook Page likes  but again same issue with Paypal then I came across Payza  and can proudly say this is a great alternate of Paypal using Payza, you can Get your money where it needs to go — quickly, conveniently, and securely. Shop or sell online, send or receive money — wherever you are!

One of the best thing of this is you don’t need to have much checkouts and their security level is also great you can easily withdraw and transfer money and the best feature is you can Add Funds to your Wallet using your Credit/Debit Cards , EFT and by using Money Order/Check i use to add Funds using my Debit Card and they just deducted 3.5% as their service charges for example if you are about to add $100 in your Wallet you’ll get $96.5 which is really convenient so what are you thinking about ? go ahead and have your Free Payza Account today and Earn more beautifully !!


Its Your Turn Now :

I am done with the article and hopefully you had found it Useful ? still having any Queries or need any more Information or facing some Issues with your Paypal or Payza Account ? Let’s Catch Up in Comments !!

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