As I had made this Blog for Blogging niche but still you might be thinking from where the Android came ? well according to me Android today is also a Big part for Blogging as most of the successful Blogs & Websites of the Globe have their Android Apps associated with their Blogs or Websites resp. Also there are millions of buddies who are Interested in Android,but unfortunately not willing  to buy a device or go to a physical electronics store (do those still exist?) :P to try it out. So i am here with the solution yes, now you  can run individual Android apps and play with the latest versions of the Android operating system on Windows.

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Getting back to topic let’s get started with the Ways to run android apps on computer :-

  1. YouWave

YouWave is a good tool for running android apps and provides a free 7-day trial, which is more than enough time to get a feel for Android apps. It starts an emulated environment with a home screen and app menu.


2. BlueStacks (I also use)

BlueStacks is one of the finest emulator i’ve find to run android apps even i too test my apps on it but it’s demerit is that it  doesn’t replicate the full Android experience, it’s just an “app player” that runs individual apps on your PC. BlueStacks runs in full-screen mode, but you can Alt-Tab and use other programs while it’s open.


last but not the Least is


Official Android Emulator

This Official Android Emulator comes in Google’s Android software development kit and is provided for free , although it’s targeted at developers. You can run the latest version of Android with this method, so it’s a great way to try out Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, if you have a device that’s stuck on an older version.
all you need to do is to download and install the SDK manager from Google. After installing it, launch it and check off the files for the latest version of Android. Click the Install button and the SDK manager will automatically download and install the required software.


Next to it, Click the Tools menu once the download has finished, select Manage AVDs and then  click the New button to create a new virtual device. Now,the time is to select the installed version of Android as the target, name your Android virtual device, then click Create AVD, shown below :-


After few moments You’ll see your new virtual device in the virtual device manager window. Select it, click the Start button and click Launch to launch the Android emulator.

Well I am done now by telling the ways of How to run Android Applications on Computer ? and now Its your Turn :o is you find this article useful ? Don’t hesitate to share with Buddies & consider commenting ! Let’s catch up in comments :)

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