Almost Everyone enters the World of Blogging to Earn Better Bucks but what if you get to know your main source of Income has Banned you for no reason :P Like happened with me few days before just received an email on my gmail ID that your AdSense account is Banned without providing any hard reason I was like WTF , Account was almost 1.5 years old and upcoming payment was about $221 but still who can fight with Google :P Here is the screenshot of that


So Here I am Going to tell some another ways for the Bloggers who were not Getting AdSense accounts or their Accounts are also Banned like me :D

If you’re owning a Blog having Good Reputation (PR,Alexa Rank, Domain Authority) then you’re not so far for making better income than AdSense via Paid Reviews on your Blog of Different Products . Here I’ve Prepared a List of Websites that provides Bloggers the Advertisers and pay well according to Blogs even I too had made more than $200 in last 2 months only via Paid Reviews .

1. Review Me 

Review me is An Awesome website that offers Bloggers good money in exchange of paid reviews on their blogs . Price of Review starts from $5 and their minimum payout is $25 . all you need to do is Create an Account there  submit your blog/s and wait for the email if your blog is accepted and you will get emails whenever an advertiser wants a Review on your Blog!

2. RankSider

Another Great Website where you can sell Blog Reviews , Facebook Shares , Tweets & Pinterest Repins in € (Euro) all you need to do is Create an Account  add your Blogs with proper information once approved go to Campaigns and Bid there with Less Price than others .I Got to know about this site via this article of Enstine Muki . I just bid on 3 campaigns there out of which I got one approved and they were ready to pay me €41 for that out of which 30% was of Ranksider so I made an review on one of my Blog and they approved and I got €28 for that :D but their minimum payout was of €50 so I just made a Request there to send €28 if possible :P and guess what next Day I got an email :D here is the Screenshot :)

make money with ranksider

Really they are very kind specially in My Case :D

3. PayPerPost

This Website also works like another Paid Reviews Websites work just create an account there and add your Blogs , Approve them and wait for the offers by the advertisers As I had’nt get any Offer from them so I dont know  much about their payments but chill may be you get a better lead from them soon !

4. Sponsored Reviews

Last but not the least Sponsored Reviews is an another website that also pays good for the Blog Reviews all they do is take 50% themselves & Gives 50% to blogger for Review after Creating your Account on Sponsored Reviews  all you need to do is add your blogs and go to Find Advertisers Tab and select the campaigns in which you feel meet your Blog’s Criterion !!

Important Tip

Do not forget to make a Contact Page of your Blog so that Advertiser’s can contact you directly for paid reviews I’ve got offers of two reviews of $50 and $20 via that . You can also Make an account on ClickBank which is one of the finest method of making Huge Income by making product reviews on your Blog if anybody buys them you’ll get awesome commission for selling the products so never get disappointed if you’re not making good Income with Blogging Hard work always worth as I always say “Success is a Process,not an Event” :D

Wishing you a better and Healthy living with Blogging !!

Your Turn :-

Well I’ve tried to cover most as I can but still if you thing there is something missing or need to modify please let me know via commenting below :) Also If you know other great sites that pay Good For sponsored Reviews Please consider sharing their links too so that newbies even Me too can take benefit from them .. Thanks for your Time !!

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