“Money is not Everything but we need Money for Everything”

The Line I had written above may vary for different people and their thinking’s but undoubtedly this is truth that ‘We need money even to buy anything from Pencil to Property’ – Click to Tweet

In this, 21st century,  Teenagers are considered as the most important & vital asset of a nation,it is believed that only teenagers can take economic conditions of their country to the level but Teenagers usually spend most of their time playing games,  video games and surfing the internet specially Mr.Facebook with which they were destroying their capabilities. According to the scientific approach Teens are the brightest aspect of the world as i told before, so I, a teenager and We, can  make teenagers realize that instead of wasting their precious time on useless  activates they should  concentrate on building their future.

According to Me the reason behind Teenagers  accepts  proposals of working for things which are not Online is the lack of knowledge & proper guidance. No.Doubt,Teenagers of 21st century are smart and courageous enough to start their own online business which will allows them to earn extra income. There are many ways they can make extra money on-line or off-line(such as working in MLM Companies), as their interest. However, it appears to be an uphill task but if They maintain balance between online working and daily life success can be achieved. So Here i am going to discuss some of best ways that how young teens can earn more money online and construct a beautiful future :)

Make Money Using YouTube by Creating Videos

YOUTUBE (the Website having Global rank 3) is the most used online video streaming website So if you are about  to make money, YouTube is an ideal place for you. You can create Video Tutorials, video blogging and can monetize it with Adsense. You will be paid not only for ad clicks but also for your video views. But to earn money with it,you need to become Partner with YouTube . I had also wrote a similar post on my another blog in deep detail you can read here

Selling products online on EBAY and AMAZON

make-money-online-using-ebaySelling goods online is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money, and teens have all capabilities to nailing it. EBAY and Amazon are most prominent online E-store where users buy and sell their products in reasonable prices. To be successful in selling goods correct strategy is essential. Teens can buy products in low rates and can sell them in high prices to earn large profit. They should continue this circle of buying and selling till they receive outstanding results also if you’re owning a Blog you can become an affilate of both companies and earn great by showing their products as ads in your Blog

By Creating a Blog

Creating a Blog is the Finest source of Making Money Online you can entertain other people by creating a blog. You can start your blog on any specific niche at which you think you are good at i personally advice to make a blog on Technology , Gyming & Fitness , Automobiles or which you like.If you are about to spent a lil money you should must go and make a .com blog on WordPress but if you don’t about to spent even a penny then you can go for Blogger ,Always remember, once your start blogging you must need to wait for 2 to 3 months to get the attention of audience. This is the only reason why new bloggers get dishearten due to no audience and hence stop blogging. So when ever you start a blog no matter if you get any audience in first few months do not stop blogging. Post at least four posts in a week publishing multiple posts per day will multiply the chances of getting audience attention.

Data Entry Jobs by Working at Home

This is an another most popular money making method which is vastly used by many people. You just need to type texts (All the Data is Provided), removing mistakes, correcting the format of article and etc. But some time it seems pretty boring but it’s worth considering, This method is also ideal for housewives and other people having knowledge of Internet

Earn more money with Adsense

There is nothing like making money using Adsense if you take it seriously and work according to rules and regulations of it, if you are having an adsense account and a blog which possess good traffic then it’s worth considering Adsense. It is a Paid To Click program, if any one clicks your advertisement you get paid,you can also use your adsense account on the blogs having revenue sharing program and great Page Rank to maximize your earnings

 Affiliate Marketing

I believe this is the ultimate method to earn online ,it refers to Affiliate marketing to promote a certain product or service to customers. For instance: If I bought a specific product and after going through, I recommend the same product to you. And I ask you to buy the product with my referral. When you buy it, the product company will pay me a certain percentage of your purchase, you can also called it commission. Today there are thousands of affilate programs available on internet , almost every company or brand offering some product always have a affilate program associated with them.

 Designing a LOGO to earn money

“If you’re good at something Never do it For Free” – Click to Tweet

Teens are best known for  their creativity this is the reason why most they have vast knowledge about designing. they love to play with colors and prefer designing Logos. There are many online companies like

  • : A Place where anyone can design logos and can earn up to $500/Logo.
  • : Where anyone can earn up to $50/Logo.
  • : Most amazing marketplace I had ever found I believe one should must use this

These companies require logo for their community and on this occasion teenagers can convert their talent into money by designing awesome logos. To design perfect logo they need to learn Photoshop, and if they have full command on Photoshop then they can work as professional designers. Learning Photoshop is not complicated at all it requires just few months to get use to it. FlamingText is also a good website where you can design a number of types of logos for free ..

 Make Money with Online Surveys

Yup, this is one of the  easiest way to earn excellent amount in just few hours, and teenagers are the most applicable candidate for it. Online surveys works on answering few questions, giving your personal opinion about a certain product which is offered online by the company. So teens can earn more easily by simply giving their reviews. It requires least hard work and offers maximum earning. is a good platform of online survey or you can google more sites


A Freelancer  is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. There are number of websites wgich pays you great for the things in which you’re good at all you need to do is to fulfill the requirements of them like

  • Writing articles for them on specific topic
  • Gives them services Like SEO, Backlinks etc etc
  • Design them a Picture , Logo
  • Make a Video for a company or a Product

Now,Its your Turn :

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